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Wow! 6 Months!

Posted by Eric Osborn on Thursday, June 9, 2011 Under: General Spiel
It's been 6 months since we posted.  Some new pictures will be posted soon.  Well then, on to the family. 
Lynette accepted a great job offer at her internship site and now she will be getting paid for what she has to do for school (can't really get better than that).  It wasn't easy at all to make her job work, but we eventually straightened everything out.  She is the counselor for the juvenile drug court, she is finding out that Shreveport is a horrible, horrible town. 
Sarah is very mobile.  She is walking with a makeshift walker that is a stool for a papasan chair.  She will also walk by your side if you hold one of her hands.  She gets into everything, so we have barricaded pretty much everything.  But, it's pretty funny to watch her try to get around the blockades.  Sarah also plays on a keyboard that we drop down to her level, it's really cute. 
Eric, is studying for the DAT that he's taking in August.  That's pretty much it. 
Both Lynette and Eric will graduate in December and then Eric will be going on interviews for Dental School. 
That's life and were happy with it!

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Eric, Lynette, and Sarah