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Sigh .....

Posted by Eric Osborn on Sunday, December 12, 2010 Under: General Spiel
Finals week is over and Lynette and I are so relieved to be done with this semester.  We have just over a month before we start back up again, but it will be a great month with nothing to do.  Sarah is doing great (we posted new pictures of her).

We converted the site over to Google Friend Connect and have seen a good response with activity.  We closed our Facebook fanpage and dissociated the site from Facebook.  I have also deleted my Facebook page and plan to use Google Friend Connect more often.  We are still hoping for people to become actively involved in the Family Stories wiki.

The Family Conference page is still under construction, When we're done we will be able to have multiuser video conferencing and you will be able to call the conference from any phone and confer with other members on their computers.


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I'm a Mormon.

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