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Sarah the Wee One!

Posted by Eric Osborn on Friday, November 25, 2011 Under: General Spiel
Sarah has been very adventurous.  She loves to go outside and play, walk around the block, color sidewalks with chalk, and play with flowers.  We took some pictures of her playing with rose pedals, she was picking up pedals and throwing them while she sequels.  When I took a big handful of pedals off of a dying rose and offered them to her she had a look that reminded me of the little fat boy from Hook when we saw all of the food on the table.  She is becoming more communicative everyday.  Her pronunciation is still poor but she gets the idea across.  She is able to perform simple and intermediate commands from us.  However, when she is simply defiant there is no reasoning with her.  She recently has been able to climb into the car and into her car seat, she cannot yet buckle or unbuckle her seat straps (which is a good thing).  She has been investigating door handles and knobs recently and we suspect that she will be able to fully use them within a month or two.  She is a very surprising person.  Her investigating abilities far out weigh some of the undergrads at school (or at least it seems it some times).  We are about to start potty training her, because she has shown us that she is capable of alerting us to her diaper conditions (either clean or dirty), she as shown signs of pre-excretion behavior, and she also shows signs and interest in the toilet.  

On the school front, Lynette and I are on course to graduate on the 18th of December.  It's strange to think that this semester is over in a couple of weeks.  Then after than school will be done for almost a year until we start higher degree programs.  I can already tell that I'm going to miss the academic setting.  

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