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One Week Left

Posted by Eric Osborn on Thursday, November 25, 2010 Under: General Spiel
This semester has one week until finals.  This was a pretty rough semester because, of the lifestyle changes that we made for Sarah.

We also graphically updated the site.  Hopefully, version 3.0 is more visually pleasing.  Along with the graphical changes, we also brought new features to the site from Google Friend Contact.  These features include, membership status, newsletters, page by page comments, and faster updates. Soon there will be a social feature that will enable voice, video, text, and phone conferencing (i.e. you will be able to call the site and conference with others that are on their computers).

We appreciate all of the support that all of you have given to the site.  The site has a lot of cool, nifty features.  

The new Wiki we hope will catch on soon.  Membership of the Wiki is separate from membership of the site because, we want to control the Wiki and protect the information shared thereon.  There is a password required to join the Wiki, when you log on and join the Wiki site contact us and we will give you the password (there has been a small bit of confusion with joining the Wiki, that is after you create an account you then have to join our Wiki site).   

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