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Posted by Eric Osborn on Saturday, October 1, 2011 Under: General Spiel
Sarah had a fun wet day on Thursday.  She was playing on the back patio and I was watering the ginger and the trees when Sarah came up to see what I was doing.  She put her hand in the water stream and then giggled and ran away.  After that I couldn't help but spray her, at first she was put off and ran to the edge of the patio but she kept coming back.  So, after a couple of minutes Sarah was running in and out of the water laughing and giggling.  She then tried to drink from the nozzle.  At that point Lynette came home and started to laugh really hard.  She went and got the camera and took some pictures and videos of Sarah.  The videos are not the best because we didn't use the camcorder but, they still get the point across. 

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I'm a Mormon.

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Eric, Lynette, and Sarah
Eric, Lynette, and Sarah