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One Week Left

Posted by Eric Osborn on Thursday, November 25, 2010, In : General Spiel 
This semester has one week until finals.  This was a pretty rough semester because, of the lifestyle changes that we made for Sarah.

We also graphically updated the site.  Hopefully, version 3.0 is more visually pleasing.  Along with the graphical changes, we also brought new features to the site from Google Friend Contact.  These features include, membership status, newsletters, page by page comments, and faster updates. Soon there will be a social feature that will enable voice, video, text,...
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Look-A-Like Survey

Posted by Eric Osborn on Saturday, November 20, 2010, In : General Spiel 

Please take a second and take our look-a-like survey, to find out which parent Sarah looks more like.

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Sarah's Toy

Posted by Eric Osborn on Wednesday, November 17, 2010, In : Baby News 
I'm receiving the inclination that I am no more than a large voice activated toy for Sarah.  
 Heres the proof:  
Once I start studying Sarah requires attention.
If I stop making noise, she makes noise.
Any type of movement or noise I make can entertain Sarah to no end.
I respond to Sarah as if I have I'm programmed to. 
After everything that she has; stuffed animals, noisy toys, ect... I seem to be her favorite play thing.  More like she likes to watch me dance and sing for her amusement. ...
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I'm a Mormon.

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