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Posted by Eric Osborn on Saturday, April 13, 2013 In : General Spiel 
It's has been a year of excitement!  Lynette, Sarah, and myself moved to Colorado and I started graduate school at UNC and teach some labs there, Sarah started school and is making a lot of friends, and Lynette is starting her LPCC and loves seeing the mountains everyday.  We've had a lot of fun and memories so far and look forward to many years here in Colorado.
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Posted by Eric Osborn on Sunday, April 8, 2012
We gave Sarah her Easter basket and she was ecstatic.  Her basket was completely edible.  We post pictures and they are really cute.  Right now Sarah is taking pictures of her stuffed animals.  We will have an egg hunt later today.  Sarah seams happy. 
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Posted by Eric Osborn on Thursday, April 5, 2012 In : General Spiel 
After all of the time spent traveling to and from different Universities we finally decided to move to Colorado and attend school there.  We are packing up and getting ready to buy a house out in Colorado.  So, for the next 5+ years we'll be in northern Colorado.  

We also posted new pictures of Sarah.  Her vocabulary skills are increasing dramatically everyday.  Her sentence structure is coming along very nicely and so are her alphabet and numbers.  She's great and we love her very much. 
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Sarah the Wee One!

Posted by Eric Osborn on Friday, November 25, 2011 In : General Spiel 
Sarah has been very adventurous.  She loves to go outside and play, walk around the block, color sidewalks with chalk, and play with flowers.  We took some pictures of her playing with rose pedals, she was picking up pedals and throwing them while she sequels.  When I took a big handful of pedals off of a dying rose and offered them to her she had a look that reminded me of the little fat boy from Hook when we saw all of the food on the table.  She is becoming more communicative everyday.  He...
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New Photos!

Posted by Eric Osborn on Saturday, October 1, 2011 In : General Spiel 
Sarah had a fun wet day on Thursday.  She was playing on the back patio and I was watering the ginger and the trees when Sarah came up to see what I was doing.  She put her hand in the water stream and then giggled and ran away.  After that I couldn't help but spray her, at first she was put off and ran to the edge of the patio but she kept coming back.  So, after a couple of minutes Sarah was running in and out of the water laughing and giggling.  She then tried to drink from the nozzle.  At...
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Change of Plans

Posted by Eric Osborn on Saturday, August 27, 2011 In : General Spiel 
There has been a small change in plans.  The pre-health committee who controls the letters of recommendations to Med, Dent, OT, PT, ect schools forbids any professor on the committee to write personal letters.  Two out of the three professors that I want to write letters are on the committee.  After more investigation I found that I meet the requirements for the committee, but the deadline was yesterday.  So, I cannot enter Dent school next fall.  
Here's the new plan.  I'm going to apply to G...
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School's Back

Posted by Eric Osborn on Monday, August 22, 2011 In : General Spiel 
School starts on Monday for Lynette and I.  We are both excited for this to be our last semester here.
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Summers wrapped up

Posted by Eric Osborn on Monday, August 1, 2011 In : General Spiel 
The summer semester is now over, and we start the fall semester in a few weeks.  Lynette, is still gathering hours for her internship and working hard to be a great counselor.  I'm studying for the DAT that I'm going to take on the 16th of this month.  Sarah, is cuter than ever.  She learned how to twirl for a couple girls at church, so now every once in a while still start doing lazy little circles and eventually fall over and walk kind of funny afterwards.
We are doing great and everything i...
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Sarah's Birthday

Posted by Eric Osborn on Friday, June 24, 2011 In : General Spiel 
Sarah turned one on the 21-Jun-2011.  We went to Build-A-Bear and Sarah had a pink Hello Kitty stuffed, she really likes it.  Later we made her a dutch apple pie and she ate it with some ice cream.  Pictures and a video are uploaded to the site so you can enjoy the fun as well. 
Today, the 24-Jun-2011, we went to the Norton Art Gardens and took some pictures.  Sarah was tired when we arrived so she didn't cooperate very well.  We'll go back soon for more pictures.

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Sarah Steps!

Posted by Eric Osborn on Friday, June 17, 2011 In : Baby News 
Sarah took her first steps today.  She took three steps towards me, then she went back and forth between Lynette and myself.  We then moved further apart and she took four steps until she lost her balance.  We are all very excited. 
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