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Quantitative Analysis of Nematode Behavior Using Worm Tracker 2.0

Louisiana State University in Shreveport Student Shreveport/Bossier SCI-NET Research Symposium:

      Louisiana State University in Shreveport 15 April 2011

  • The purpose of the research was to study the behavior of C. elegans

  • Behavior of wild-type, N2 C. elegans were compared with dop-3 (dopamine recessive gene) C. elegans under olanzapine (anti-pyscotic drug) and controlled conditions

  • Worm Tracker 2.0 was used, this computer-based system contained a microscope, stage, and camera that allowed videos of nematode movements to be recorded

  • The images and videos were processed using Worm Analysis that analyzed the data and determined a variety of attributes: centroid velocity, track amplitude, track wavelength, bending frequency, flex, and time delay

  • This research was funded by the Post-Katrina Grant and from the Board of Regents Funding.

GABA-Enriched Functional Foods Aiding in Health and Disease Management

Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) plays a major role in human health. Since it is found throughout the body, its effects are widespread, and numerous health benefits of GABA have been found, including decreasing symptoms of anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. Despite the fact that only small amounts of GABA pass through the blood-brain barrier, orally ingested GABA seems to bring many health benefits. Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) have proven effective as a food additive using fermentation to enhance foods with GABA. Many food media have been used successfully with LAB to produce high levels of GABA, including kimchi, brown rice, the Asian adzuki bean, and many milk products, including cheese. These foods are made with a purpose of a specific health benefit or to treat disease and are called functional foods. GABA-enriched functional foods have been shown to benefit health, including lowering hypertension, aiding the digestive tract, decreasing the effects of chronic ethanol use, acting against alcohol hepatotoxicity, and improving longterm memory. This relatively new area of research requires much more study to explore the best functional food options for GABA, to further learn the roles of GABA in the body, and to explore GABA's various health benefits and diseases it might treat